In-House Savings Plan

Patient Savings Plan

Take advantage of the Vele Family Dental Patient Savings Plan and rest assured that caring for your teeth will not cost you an arm and leg.

Your small one-time payment will entitle you to the following benefits for the next 12 months at no charge.

  • 2 professional cleanings 
  • 2 exams
  • 1 set of check-up X-rays
  • 20% off dental treatments*
  • NO yearly maximums or deductables
  • NO pre-authorization requirements
  • NO possibility of being denied coverage
  • Immediate eligibility

This presents a value of $481.00 per person. We charge a yearly renewal fee on the following basis:

  • Single Person $299.00
  • Couple $399.00
  • Family** $499.00

* Inquire at the desk for more information

** Consisting of three to four persons. Coverage for five or more can be negotiated on a per-case basis. 


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